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  • Active Diamond Foam

    ACTIVE DIAMOND FOAM is a super concentrated and powerful alkaline exterior cleaner.

  • Drizzle Protect

    DRIZZLE PROTECT is an exceptionally soft prewash agent with special soaking power to clean all types of vehicles.

  • Floornet Industrial

  • Floornet Forte

  • Glasnet LM30

    GLASNET LM 30 is a powerful glass cleaner.

  • Cockpit Protector

    COCKPIT PROTECTOR cleans, renews and protects all plastic parts of your car.

  • Sky WE64

    SKY WE64 is a highly concentrated car cleaner with advanced polishing components that work at a molecular level to leave a smooth long lasting gloss finish.

  • Interior Cleaner

    INTERIOR CLEANER quickly removes dirt, grease and nicotine from interior upholstery, carpets, plastic and vinyl.

  • High Foam Cleaner

    HIGH FOAM CLEANER is an alkaline, concentrated, foaming prewash agent to clean all types of vehicles.

  • Leather Protector

    LEATHER PROTECTOR is a 3-in-1 product: cleans, beautifies, nourishes and protects the leather.

  • Motor Cleaner

    MOTOR CLEANER is a powerful, strong alkaline cleaning agent, based on potassium hydroxide to degrease motors and all other parts which are covered with grease and dirt.

  • Novo Wash

    NOVO WASH is a concentrated exterior cleaner for all vehicles, characterised by its extraordinary cleaning capacity.

  • Novo Wax

    NOVO WAX is a highly concentrated wax product based upon green raw materials.

  • Super Wash

    SUPER WASH is a strong alkaline and SUPER concentrated prewash agent with a multifunctional application in truck cleaning.

  • Truck Cleaner 2000

    TC 2000 is a very high performance truck cleaner.

  • Tyre & Bumper Gloss

    TYRE & BUMPER GLOSS is a concentrated maintenance and care product specially developped for tyres and bumpers.

  • Wheelshine Super

    WHEELSHINE SUPER is a concentrated wheel cleaner, that removes brake dust and other dirt in a fast and effective way.

  • Carnet Jumbo

    CARNET JUMBO is a concentrated and gentle vehicle cleaner that is not corrosive and has an exceptional soaking power to safely clean any car.

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